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23th March 2018 - 01st July 2018

Curator: Marco Cattaneo

Number of works: 80 pictures, 30 objects from museums and private collections

Exhibition area: 700 sqm

The exhibition of Michael Yamashita, previously set up in the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin, was also proposed in the Blue Palace of Pisa. This exhibit assembled 80 photos and numerous objects of Marco Polo’s age which let visitors discover the places of the Silk Road (most of the objects came from the Giuseppe Tucci National Museum of Oriental Art in Rome). One area is dedicated to Rustichello da Pisa who put in writing “Il Milione” during his imprisonment with Marco Polo in Genova’s prison. In this area, notary deeds and an old illustrated version of “Il Milione” were exposed. A sound art installation, the Boat of Words, was set up and visitors could watch a video-documentary of Yamashita’s travel.


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